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Psoriasis and Sex: Keeping the fire alive amidst the flare-ups pSo & You

It’s time to talk about the birds and the bees. Yes, psoriasis and sex. The pain of flare-ups and feeling self-conscious can be a mood buster, but intimacy shouldn’t be out of the question.

“Nearly a third of those with psoriasis say it negatively affects their sex life.”

The good news? Sex can help reduce stress, which is a trigger for flare-ups. So, here are some quick tips to help you (and your partner) get your groove on:

  • The language of love: Have an honest conversation about what psoriasis is and isn’t. Explain that it isn’t contagious, you certainly don’t have the plague, and they aren’t at risk of getting psoriasis by doing the dirty.
  • Pleasure in preparedness: If you’re on any medication, particularly topical creams, use ahead of time to avoid getting any cream on your partner. Be open to alternative sexual positions to steer clear of areas that might be irritated. Condoms and lubrications can also help lessen friction. After all is said and done, make sure to cleanse affected areas and reapply your medications.
  • Turn up the turn-ons: If it makes you feel more confident, dim the lights and add some candles. If undergarments help bring out your inner sexy, opt for 100% cotton options that are both practical and spicy!

Psoriasis down there? Genital psoriasis commonly shows up without scales and appears smooth, dry or red. While frustrating, genital psoriasis generally responds well to treatments so be sure to discuss options with your healthcare provider.

Have you “had the talk” about your psoriasis with your partner? What about with your doctor? I’d love to hear how you approached it!

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